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Prep Your Pets for In-Home Workers

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Get Fido and Fluffy ready for in-home service workers. Prep both your home cleaning team and your pets for the encounter.

  • Notify the service provider that you have a pet.
  • Tell your service provider the pet’s name in the event that your pet should become disagreeable or disappear. Show your service provider where you keep the pet’s leash and any treats as a means to lure a missing pet back home or out of hiding.
  • If there is an animal mess, clean it up before the service provider arrives. Animal excrement can lead to the spread of dangerous diseases if not handled properly.
  • If possible, relocate your pet. Put your pet in a kennel or in a clearly marked room that the service worker is not scheduled to enter. Leave a few favorite toys with your pet to keep it from getting restless.
  • If you are expecting a cleaning service, be sure to mention your pet’s favorite hang-outs so special attention can be paid to removing excess pet dander from those areas.